August 2019

Introducing Email and Text Etiquette Courses from Vado!


In the workplace, we read and compose at least 50-60 emails per day on average. It is imperative that you make the best possible use of emails to communicate effectively. While email is still among the most widely used communication tools, text messaging is a prevalent form of communication in the workplace as well.  

Vado is excited to introduce three new courses that cover how to communicate via email and text effectively in the workplace. The courses cover advantages and disadvantages of email and text communication, etiquette and how to compose professional emails and texts, and when it’s not appropriate to send an email or text.   

Here is a breakdown of each of the courses:  

Email Etiquette:
Most business environments are not formal any longer. With today’s need to rush everything, and move on to the next task, we have become preoccupied with informal writing. Passive voice, texting formats and misspelling are commonplace. In this course, you will learn that our business written communication typically takes place via email. The advantages and disadvantages of emails, email etiquette tips, email examples and how to apply all of this on the job.

Text Messaging Etiquette:
A text message is much quicker to send and receive than an e-mail; it happens in real time. For very urgent or important communications, texting can be useful, especially for business professionals who are out of the office or traveling. In this course, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of communication via text messages in the workplace, text messaging etiquette tips and examples of a well written business text messages.

When Emails and Text Messages are not Appropriate:
Email and texting make workplace communication simple, but they can also make a bad situation worse. While electronic conversations are convenient, some situations require an in-person conversation or at the very least, a phone call.

These courses will benefit all learners of any organization since email and text messaging is so prevalent not only in our personal lives but in the workplace. Text messaging is a newer form of employee communication, so it is important that your employees know what is appropriate for workplace text messaging. While using an emoji for texts between friends is acceptable and fun, for the workplace it can give a wrong impression. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Text and Email Etiquette courses or any of our other online training bundles, reach out to us or you can download our catalog by clicking here: The courses are on page 56.