Microlearning and Sexual Harassment Training

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Microlearning and Sexual Harassment Training- Introducing The Respectful Workplace Toolkit!

Sexual Harassment training has been a topic of discussion not only in the news but in the workplace. With #MeToo and other movements, companies are taking a look at their harassment training to see if it not only complies with state laws but is also relevant and interesting. Looking at statistics, it is surprising the number of companies that don’t provide sexual harassment training to their employees. According to, more than 80% of companies have made no effort to discuss appropriate conduct, hold training or update their sexual harassment policies in the wake of these movements. Regardless of if your company requires sexual harassment training or not, wouldn’t you want to work for a company that encourages a healthy and respectful workplace?

Sexual harassment training gets a bad reputation for being long and boring which means valuable information goes in one ear and out the other for most learners. Study after study shows that taking in information in small bite sized chunks leads to increased learner retention. So, when it comes to the long, boring sexual harassment training- why not offer it in a microlearning format?
Vado has released a new toolkit titled the Respectful Workplace Toolkit that features microlearning courses that are 8-12 minutes each and you can mix and match multiple topics to meet your state requirements. This makes training ideal because you can deliver an eight-minute course on sexual harassment one week and then the next week deliver a ten-minute course on discrimination. This means you can offer multiple relevant topics delivered over time and have the training better retained!

Another feature of the toolkit is the realistic scenario-based videos in each course. The videos featured are situations that can happen in any workplace and they really drive the point home. Videos are important because a video that shows harassment taking place can make a larger impact on learning as compared to reading about it. Videos can evoke emotions, which leads to the learning information being retained better. It may even make an employee take a second look at his/her own behavior in the workplace. Also, with a younger generation entering the workforce, keeping up with technology is important. The video below provides examples of the situational videos in the toolkit- click to see:

What really makes The Respectful Workplace Toolkit unique is that it is shows the learner how to take action. It takes an unpleasant situation that many of us could find ourselves in and helps resolve the issues before they escalate. You learn how to be a part of the solution to make your workplace healthy.

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